Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

A Pilates class will take between 55 and 60 minutes.
A group consists of 4 to 9 people.

Payment of the Pilates class takes place before the beginning of the course through the bank or cash before the first lesson.

* The student takes part in the lessons at their own risk.
* Body Control Pilates shall not be held responsible for financial, physical and or other damages, arising out of participation in the classes.
* If you have specific complaints or physical limitations, discuss it with the teacher. In case of doubt, consult with your family doctor, specialist or therapist.
* At interim termination, no refund shall be granted of tuition.
* In consultation, you can catch up on missed classes at a different time, within the period of validity of the card.
Please let me know, preferably by SMS, if you have to miss a class. Cancellation of a class within 12 hours will be charged.

I hope you will enjoy your class at Body Control Pilates.