What others say


“Discovering Pilates has brought big benefits for my back. My body posture has improved a lot and my neck and back pains have disappeared. Beside, Wilma makes every session fun and enjoyable.“


“Pilates is a really hard work for the whole body although mostly the movements seem so subtle. It makes me feel every single muscle.
Wilma always brings her own peculiarities, the lessons are full of fun while very concentrated.“


“Pilates on Monday morning in Huissen…great start of the week!!!
Since I’ve joined Wilma’s classes, in combination with physiotherapy,
Practically no more lower back issues.. So highly recommendable…“



“- Wilma gives everyone in the group of personal attention, stimulates and motivates;
– She’s creative in finding alternatives when sometimes I’m not able to do the exercises because of the arthritis in my hip.
– all this with a sauce of humour
– Delicious! Effort and relaxation at the same time, my body says; Thank you!“


“Wilma teaches with plenty of enthusiasm. After a class my body always feels more supple, smoother. Having taken classes for over a year now I can definitely say Pilates has a positive effect on me; my core stability has improved and I’m more aware of my attitude/posture in every day live; walking, sitting, standing.
I can really recommend it to everyone!!“



“I spent many hours sitting behind the computer every day. Pilates has really made a difference to me, improving my core stability, posture and flexibility. Wilma is a very friendly and knowledgeable teacher with a nice sense of humour. She tailors the exercises to the needs of individual pupils and introduces plenty of variety into her lessons to keep us on our toes. Her classes are fun, invigorating and relaxing at the same time. After each class I feel energized and ready to start my working day.“